Welcome to the 30 Day Manifestation Challenge!

Challenge Starts 06.05.23

Regular Rate $1997 : Birthday Pricing $997 for the next 16 Enrollees. This Years Focus is Money & Mindset

Only 50 People Will Be Accepted Into The Challenge : When The Timer Rolls Down The Price Goes Back Up to $1997.00. Scroll Below To See Details

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What Is The Manifestation Challenge (Individuals & Bosses)

•Understanding What You Want & Why

•Learn Universal Manifestation Laws

•Defining Your Dream Life

•Tapping Into Your Unlimited Power

•Building Affirmations Correctly

•Business Stuff No One Tells You - Book

•Personal Budget

•Results Driven Meditation

•Goal Setting & Casting

•Understanding Your Purpose

•Money Reset & Growth

•Guided Shadow Work

•Personal Support Group

•Temperament Test

•Personality Test

•Gift Assessment

•21 Day Workbook

•Daily Activities

What Is The Manifestation Kit (Designed for Business Bosses)

•365 Marketing Guide - Annual Planner

•Profit Planner - Quarterly Planner

•Success Planner - Quarterly Planner

•13 Low to No Cost Ways to Build a Strong Business -Book

•35 Marketing Tips and Tricks That Actually Work - Book

•Business Stuff No One Tells You - Book

•Personal Budget

•Re-Investment Schedule

•Common Business Expenses

Million Dollar Thoughts - Notebook

•Million Dollar Thoughts - Notebook

•Million Dollar Maps - Notebook

•Million Dollar Flow - Notebook

•Prosperity Pen

•Frankincense and Myrrh

•Smudge Stick

•Manifestation Mug

•Crystal Infused Water Bottle

•Scriptures for Faith Based Entrepreneurs