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AshleyAnn (@KingAshleyAnn)

Ashley Ann of Ashley Ann’s Events is a talented award-winning wedding and event designer, a biz builder, public speaker, and social media strategist. Ashley currently travels the United States speaking to small business owners, side hustlers, wedding and event industry professionals, and those who are thinking of starting a business.  Ashley is equipped with a B.A. in Finance and M.B.A.  from the University of Central Arkansas. Ashley is a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority and an avid volunteer. She serves as a teen mentor, direct service volunteer, and is a part of the Jr. League. Ashley also instructs financial literacy courses and attraction modules.

Ashley Ann has helped over 11,000 individuals monetize their social media and over 800 people create 6 figure incomes. She has currently helped 172 people create 7 figure incomes and 12 of her clients are consistently doing million-dollar months. She has also helped over 1000 businesses generate $25K- $45K per month using Facebook and Live Stream. Ashley Ann gives free business tips and strategy classes on her Livestream Monday through Thursday.
Ashley’s offices are located in Little Rock, AR, and Dallas, TX. Ashley is known for her creative and unusual event ideas in the event world. In the business world Ashley is known for getting results, and simplifying social media, lead magnets, funnels, and CVO so that her clients achieve desired outcomes.  She pays exquisite attention to every last detail in the boardroom and in the ballroom.

Ashley Ann is a Google Partner,  been featured on Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Life, CNN Money, Kontrol, MSN, Breitbart, NewBreak, Business Insider, Newsweek, CNBC, Sheen, Morning Mix Up, Doz, Rolling Out Magazine, Fox News, KATV, WoW City, STAND’s 30 Under 30, and several other media outlets and publications.

Nikita B Williams (@iamnikitab)

A former director of nursing turned, nationally known comedienne turned, expert speaker turned, life and business strategist. Nikita has graced many large platforms with many award winning artists. She has been featured on BET Networks such as, the Impact Network, Black Network Television, All Nations TV, Clean Comedy Radio and Bounce TV to name a few, encouraging people to laugh their way to the life they love. Nikita has won numerous awards such as comedian of the year, placed 1st in the search for the one comedy competition (hosted by Akintunde Warnock (writer from The Monique Show) as well as in the “So You Think You’re Funny” comedy competition where Darryl Littleton and Tina Graham were judges (both of which are responsible for some of the successful comics that you see today).  

Dr. Travis Davis (@officialtravisdavis)

Dr. Travis Davis is a successful HBCU graduate & minority business owner who believes in giving back to his community by creating economic sustainability. He gives his time and energy to building recession-proof lifestyles through business in underrepresented communities.
After securing multiple million-dollar government contracts, Dr. Davis saw this as the perfect system for all minority business owners to add in their wealth portfolio. He knew this information was vital to share with more business owners, especially with the lack of education on the subject matter. Since learning about government contracts and using OPT(Other Peoples Time) to build his wealth, Dr. Davis is determined to educate business owners on the power of leveraging government contracts to secure wealth.

Ed & Tatiana Davis (@EdDavisTheMogoal)

Ed Davis, the Founder of Mogoal Wealth Coaching, became 100% debt free at just 23 years old. Paying off all of his credit cards, student loans, personal loans and everything in between. This may not seem monumental but for a young guy who grew up in the hood, raised by parents who earned $10/hr, this was huge. 

So at 29 when Ed turned down a promotion and quit his 7 year career in project management and 6 figure income at one of the top engineering firms in the world, to pursue his dream of living life on his own terms and teaching others to do the same, his friends and family were somewhat perplexed. 

But not for long. Ed used everything he learned from his childhood, professional life and passion for real estate and stock investing to create a successful portfolio for himself. Then shared all he learned with his friends, family and now you!

Katrina Smith (@SmithLegalSolutions)

Attorney Trina Smith, a Raleigh native, and serial entrepreneur is very passionate about empowering her community with trademark representation, business education, and spiritual edification to protect their creative masterpieces.

With over a decade of legal experience, Trina has leveraged her knowledge by assisting over 600 entrepreneurs with building and protecting 6-7 figure businesses. Some of her clientele includes personal trainers, hip hop recording artists, beauticians, nail technicians, restaurant owners, fashion designers, photographers, graphic designers, music producers, life coaches, business strategies, educators, and many more!

Attorney Smith is a “triple eagle” earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice in 2005, Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science in 2006, and Juris Doctor in 2009 from North Carolina Central University.

Trina also serves members of her local community as a licensed real estate agent, author, certified life coach, certified executive coach, mentor, and serial entrepreneur.

Roxanna Wilson (@queenroxannawilson)

"Wealth wasn't given to a lot of us so we had to create it". I believe we are all born with royalty. You are an asset. Repeat after me “I am an asset”

At a very young age, I’ve witnessed how money makes the world go round. That’s why I decided early on to master the art and science of generating wealth.


I’ve started dozens of different businesses, constantly studying what works and what doesn’t, and identifying the strategies and opportunities that yield the best results. I studied how to speak the language of business across a wide variety of industries, I’ve consistently invested in myself, and taken actions to take me closer to my goals.


And as of today…


I’ve been active in a wide range of business industries for over 15 years…

​I have my own block…

​I have my own trailer park…

​I have flipped over $5M worth of real estate properties

​Have earned at least $100k per month consistently during the pandemic

​And I have developed a wide network of people across dozens of profitable industries

Get out of debt fast

​Start their own businesses with minimal capital

​Consistently earn 6-figures with passive, active, and residual income

​Quit their 9-5 jobs and become their own bosses

​Provide more comfortable - even lucrative - lives for their loved ones

​Achieve sustainable financial independence

And if you follow the strategies I’ll be teaching you, you too can earn 6-figures consistently that will allow you to live your life exactly the way you want to - without being at the mercy of your boss and your 9-5 job, and without worrying about putting food on the table ever again.


Today, you can take back control of your life, and become the best version of yourself without anything to hold you back.

Tay Sweat (@taysweat)

Born and raised in Nashville, TN Tay Sweat started his health journey as an overweight teenager. At only 14 years old, he weighed in at over 300 pounds and suffered from ailments such as eczema, heart & digestive issues, and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

Becoming fed up with his unhealthy lifestyle, he took interest and started studying how foods affect the human body. Within a few months, Tay dropped 100 pounds, became a high powered athlete and reversed all of his ailments due to the change in his diet.

He went on to earn certifications in personal training, holistic nutrition, weight loss and medical astrology. Now his mission is to share the information he has acquired throughout his journey.

Hiram Algarin (@latterfinancialgrp)

Hiram is the co-owner and founder of Latter Financial Group & Latter Accelerate helping start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs find funding. Their clients have received over 150,000,000 in funding in just the last 3 years. Demand for our services has increased year over year since its inception in 2019. 

Hiram is a serial entrepreneur who has consistently started and run his own businesses since 30 years of age. He has a unique perspective on entrepreneurs and the hurdles they face finding funds.  With an approach to assist business owners with building corporate credit and finding alternative and creative lending, Hiram has assisted thousands of businesses through unconventional ways to scale their business. For the past 13 years, he has been involved in helping people with credit and financing, with a specialty in real estate Flipping and High Risk Industries.  He pioneered a new and more cost-effective approach to credit card liquidation, he’s personally used it to consistently borrow money at under a 5% APR.

Runway Billionaire (@Runway_billionaire)

The Philadelphia serial entrepreneur Maurice “RUNWAY BILLIONAIRE “ Bowman has built multiple 7 figure businesses and you can tell by the name he is on a mission to become a billionaire. Well known in the social media streets Runway Billionaire has definitely left quite the footprint when it comes to investments. He is definitely a savvy investor when it comes to creating multiple streams of income. With Airbnb, trucking, marketing, and credit to name a few, Runway understands the power of a diversified portfolio. His passion for helping people inspires him to not only become that billionaire but proving opportunities to the community to help as many people reach financial freedom.

Jake Tayler Jacobs (@JakeTaylerJacobs)

Jake has been educating families and college students on the topic of financial literacy since 2012. Though he was passionate about teaching on the topics of legacy building and financial freedom Jake never thought in a million years he would build a business in the financial industry especially since he went to school to be a PE Teacher. Clearly, God had other plans for him, because Jake's break in the entrepreneurial world came in 2016 when he built his financial firm on 7 napkins in a local Applebee's.

Since then, the company has evolved to a brokerage vastly expanding in over 22 states and counting. He and his team of superheroes are building one of the most trusted minority-owned financial firms in the country. Jake is dead set on creating a company that will be able to offer people of color and opportunity to exceed and excel financially. So, seeing a huge disparity in growing profitable minority-owned businesses Jake has made it his mission to change the world by helping families become financially independent and secure..

Storm Monroe (@stormmonroetv)

Original creator of "The Celebrity Doctor"....Entertainment reporting with a comedy and a little bit of conspiracy. Credits K104.1, Source Magazine, The Star Report, Its Onsite, All about the laughs, Empressive.

Rochelle Turner (@rochelles.turner)

Rochelle Turner, Marketing Strategist; Sr. Marketing Manager, The Argyle Group. Rochelle is an experienced marketing strategist whose expertise spans audience development, email marketing, content, social, and digital marketing. More extensively, her experience includes guerilla marketing and street team management, event planning, brand activations, relationship development and management, and working with C-Suite executives and sponsors in niche markets. She has worked directly with clients across industries, most notably, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase, KeyBank, American Express, BBVA Compass, Nationwide, ADP, AT&T, FedEx, and a host of others. Her programs and direct outreach helped her company to see upwards of 75% increases in revenue from event registration with monthly registration revenue frequently surpassing $100,000 – a first at Black Enterprise in her time there. Additionally, she has a proven track record for working cross-departmentally, being pegged as one of the few members in her company to help spearhead the digital-first transition of the company.

In her current role as Senior Marketing Manager, Rochelle leads a team of 3 and oversees all marketing efforts for 4 brands that comprise The Argyle Group.

Derrick Harper (@derrickharpersr)

Derrick Harper is the founder of The Credit Repair University and Point Boosters of America. Mr. Harper is also an Air Force veteran that learned that systems were the way to build corporations. He learned that in order to grow a successful company to assist others, he had to create systems for everything. This success helped grow Point Boosters into a successful multi-million-dollar corporation while landing other high 6 figure spots with other businesses. Although the found financial success, he lives on the Make sure your servant's broom is bigger than your ego mindset. This means he doesn't enjoy success if he can't share what made him successful with the world. After becoming one of the most sought-after coaches in the US, he has launched infrastructure in China, India, and the Philippines to assist other businesses in scaling their businesses. He has also started a #Reach1000 Initiative to assist a million families. The motto is "I can't reach a million people, but I can reach 1,000 people that can reach 1,000 people. He will be speaking to show you how to create an unlimited number of investors, even if you have no money. Mr. Harper has been able to create over 7,500 investors for his projects while showing his community how to invest, even when they have $0 in the bank. He will show you how to do it yourself at Accelerate 180.

25KreditRepair (@25KreditRepair_)

The 25 Kredit Repair Academy was designed with you in mind. 25KRA is an online school that offers self-paced courses designed to help you repair your own credit and start building generational wealth. Once registered, you will have full access to all of the current and future courses inside the academy. These courses have been organized and structured by Maggie Sayles and Dahl Samuel. There are a handful of other resources inside the academy that will help keep you sharp, and confident in your financial and business steps, moving forward.

Pastor Lat-Doir Glasper (@latdoirglasper)

A native of East St. Louis, IL and raised in Memphis, TN, Pastor Lat-Doir Glasper accepted his calling to preach at the age of 23. He has served as Men’s Ministry Director, Facilities Coordinator, Counseling Director, Trustee Board Member, Assistant Pastor and more for several ministries. He has traveled the country as a sought after evangelist and teacher. He has a unique and profound ability to show practical biblical application to everyday situations which has made him a prolific life coach to many from the business community as well as the church. Pastor Glasper has a profound love and care for God's people. Through his painful childhood and impoverished upbringing, Pastor Glasper was taught by his mother to love all people, always work hard, and never let anyone belittle his spirit. He believes this early preparation was God preparing him for such a time as this to share the good news of Jesus Christ with all. His life motto is "Adjust and Advance"! At the prophetic unction of God, Pastor Glasper made a huge leap of faith in 2007 and founded Kingdom Life Church in Olive Branch, MS. Kingdom Life Church is a non-denominational church that provides rest, refuge, and restoration to all God's people no matter the race, gender, or background. He preaches with a passion and intensity that reaches the heart. With all that God has done in his life, his greatest accomplishments remain being the husband of the beautiful Kimberly Renee Glasper and the father of two brilliant young ladies, Kiyla and Kelsey Glasper.

LPC Carol-Ann Trotman (@relationship_boosters)

Ms. Trotman is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She provides individual, group, and couples counseling. Ms. Trotman has always dreamed of working with couples since childhood. She provides counseling around communication. She is currently completing her PHD in Clinical Sexology, therefore, she has some additional training to make sure your sexual needs are met in your relationship. Ms. Trotman is currently taking appointments in the Lanham office. 

Monika Ward (@relationship_boosters)

I enjoy assisting individuals and couples through their journey toward personal enlightenment, often within a holistic approach. It is my passion to assist with the emotional growth process that comes with therapy. I am skilled at identifying patterns of dysfunction in behavior and thought, and guiding the cognitive processes to ensure positive outcomes. As a result, my ideal client is ready for change and willing to do the work required to embark upon the path toward healing and growth.

I use a Client-centered approach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with individuals who are experiencing discomfort due anxiety and/or depression. I am also a Gottman trained couples therapist and I love to work with couples using these interventions. I am working toward my sex therapy certification and will be complete in 2018.

My practice focuses on individual [child and adult] and family therapy with a focus on problem solving and healing from multiple issues ranging from separation/divorce to trauma and emotional occurrences, and couple's therapy.

Dr. Kia James (@relationship_boosters)

Dr. Kia James is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She provides individual and couples counseling services. She graduated from Bowie State University with a BA in Psychology, and she continued her schooling, eventually gaining her Masters and Doctorate from Argosy University, also known as, The American School of Professional Psychology. Dr. James has completed the level 3 training for couples counseling with the Gottman institute. She is also an approved Gottman Educator for the Seven Principles Workshop. Dr. James has a passion to help couples strengthen their relationship and build healthy happy families.

Dionne Reddick (@bizcoachbydionne)

Dionne Reddick, born in Orlando, Florida. After attending public schools in Orlando, she went on to attend and graduate from Florida A&M University, earning a BA in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Public Speaking, she then went on to be enrolled in the inaugural class of the FAMU College of Law.  During law school, she had the pleasure of doing her internship with famed attorney L. Londell McMillan, of the McMillan Firm, who is famously known for changing the artist formally known as Prince’s name to “the symbol” which was a ground breaking case earning him the rights the Master recording’s back to the artist.  That internship with Londell provided her the opportunity to work with many celebrities including Prince, Oprah Winfrey and many more. 

Fast forward to 4/25/15, when, out of necessity and the desire to have an all-natural skin care product she created a body butter for herself, sharing this product with family and receiving great feedback about how remarkable they thought her body butter was, her brother posted the finished product on social media, the comments for orders started coming in from others that sought after the same need to have a product of this kind and the request for products started pouring in.  Since business was not her background, during the first few years of launching her business she realized it was more of an expensive hobby, than a business at all. Having the determination to succeed at doing something she loved doing and having a product that others loved as well, in Q4 of 2017 she hired a business coach.  The coach’s first two questions were, “What have you made” and “What are your goals”? She had no answer for either. Keeping those two key questions in mind, her business has grown over 600% and she’s now earning more in her business that she does in her 9-5.  Dionne is now not only a physical product maker, but her brand has expanded into coaching as well as a public speaker, she now offers one on one coaching, class trainings and Speaking at company events.